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Credits for sound artists & CONTRIBUTORS 

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All contributions used in our 24/7 Nature Radio programming are royalty and/or copyright free under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication or Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0).

For information about Soundbible recordings, visit their Royalty Free Sounds information page.

All contributors have their work credited by having their names (where provided) in the radio track or digital stream information. On a regular basis, this Credits page is updated with track titles alongside the contributor’s name. Do note that some contributors only use ‘usernames’.

Although we have contributions from sound artists, it does not imply that they endorse our programmes.

National Park Service (NPS),  Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division, USA (Public Domain rights):

NPS, Theresa Thom:  Green Tree Frog, Everglades National Park, Florida.

NPS, Courtesy of Bryce Canyon NP: Dawn Chorus, Bryce Canyon National Park. (A chorus of birds is heard at daybreak in The Amphitheater of Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.)

Free Audio Library, with a selection of soundscapes: Avalanche – Avalancha 4; Beach waves, soft – olas playa, suaves; Big waves – olas grandes; Earthquake rumble earth 1 – terremoto retumbar tierra 1; Lake waves splash on rock – olas del lago chapoteo en roca; Large waterfall – cascada grande; Large waterfall rapid – cascada grande rápidos; Medium river heavy flow – rio mediano caudal pesado; Middle river flows – río medio fluye; Mountain river – rio de montaña; Ocean waves against stones – olas del oceano contra piedras; Sea ​​gentle waves with seagulls – mar olas suaves con gaviotas; Small brook with gurgling – arroyo pequeño con gorgoteo; Small stream waterfall – cascada pequeña riachuelo; Smooth waves pebble beach – olas suaves playa de guijarro; Soft ocean waves – olas del océano suaves; Stream – arroyo; Stream of mountain stream – corriente de montaña riachuelo; Very small creek nearby -arroyo muy pequeño cercano; Waterfall 3 – cascada ;media 3; Waterfall 4 – cascada media 4; Waves 2 – olas 2; Waves 3 – olas 3;Waves 5 – olas 5; Waves on lake – olas en lago; Waves on the beach calm sea – olas en la playa mar en calma; Environment village autumn – Starlings – ambiente pueblo otoño-estorninos;

Felix Blume: Dawn in the amazonian rainforest

Stuart Bowditch (Yarmonics): Beach wave sounds, Great Yarmouth UK; Sayers The Attorneys Row – Ambience, Seaside, Sea-Gulls

Deepseapro: Black Sand Beach Walk – (Maui); Ocean waves on beach (Maui, Hawaii)

Eguaus: Raining in the bart 1

Richard Fair: TedEllis binaural wind sounds birds woods – Yarmonics; Burgh Castle – deep wind sounds, birds – Yarmonics

Gmegas:  Loutsa – Sea sounds

Kangaroovindaloo: Sofia’s Dawn Chorus – Fryers Forest; Tenzin’s Dawn – Fryers Forest; Pink Lakes Wind from inside a She Oak; Cindy’s Dawn Chorus – Fryers Forest; Roaring Ocean

Mike Koenig: Bird in Rain; Crisp Ocean Waves; Ocean Waves; Waterfall

Stephen Palmer (24/7 Nature Radio team): Walk in the countryside and wood on a wet and windy day 16-01-2020; A Walk in Ashdown Forest 2020-05-30

Lisa Redfern: Crickets chirping at night

Martin Scaiff (Yarmonics): Fritton Lake – lakeside 2 stereo hydrophone

Selector: A big flock of geese: Lake Rhederlaag, Netherlands

Daniel Simion (SoundBible): Flock of Seagulls; Large waterfall; Meadow lark; Heavy rain.

Suburbanwizard: Beach waves (St George Island, Florida)

I Chill Music Factory: Albums – Sea Waves; Forest; Stream.